Poetry Quotes – Conflict – GCSE Lit

I’ve suggested that my class only learn quotes from these 4 poems (but I know some teachers think that’s a bit risky – so do what your teacher tells you to do!!)  We only have 3 quotes from each for now, but will identify two more from each poem so will have 5 from each, or 20 in total by the real GCSEs.  Remember my class that you must be able to identify the 3 key quotes from every poem (not just these four) if you look at a blank copy of it (Mr Johnson has put blank copies here, but you have to scroll down a bit in the document for the Conflict poems: https://englishatturton.edublogs.org/2016/08/01/year-11-poetry-exam-revision-guide/)


  • but half way there
  • flashing silver as their bellies/ swivelled towards the sun
  •  he no longer existed


  • Two vast and trunkless legs of stone/Stand in the desert
  • ‘My name is Ozymandias, king of kings:’
  • Round the decay/ Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare,/ The lone and level sands stretch far away.


  • probably armed, possibly not.   OR    End of story, except not really.
  • sun-stunned, sand-smothered land    OR  blood-shadow
  • his bloody life in my bloody hands.


  • Cannon to right of them,/ Cannon to left of them,/ Cannon in front of them
  • All the world wonder’d:
  • Left of six hundred.




  • Female perspective – Kamikaze
  • Nature – Ozymandias
  • Anti-establishment – Ozymandias
  • Futility of war – Remains
  • Dominant leader – Ozymandias
  • Experience of battle – Charge of Light Brigade
  • Celebrating heroism – Charge of Light Brigade
  • Mental distress – Remains
  • Other cultures/identity – Kamikaze
  • Violence – Remains Patriotism – Charge of the Light Brigade
  • Loss and absence – Kamikaze
  • Memory – Remains

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