Plastic Honey

Read this.  One of our marvellous year tens wrote it in creative writing club.


Plastic Honey


You promised us land of honey and milk

We come but it’s just plastic and filth

Praying to false idols and wearing stolen silk

Yet we refuse to leave.


Our home is being raped and ripped apart

Our memories killed and used as a spark

We are hated on both sides

Pray to the government

It’s your very own religion;

Playing their pawns to the queen

Pick your side

Because we can’t.


Easter Homework for Year 11



Please open the two links and annotate each text. Your aim is to uncover what makes each speech persuasive and highly effective. Look out for language and structural techniques and don’t forget to write your own speech. Spend 10 minutes planning, 30 minutes writing and 5 minutes proofing it.


Speech One ‘Animal Farm’

Speech Two 911


The question is:

Young people today are too vain. Always taking ‘selfies’ and worrying about their appearance. This is a worrying sign that society is becoming self obsessed and shallow. People no longer pay attention to things that matter.

Write a speech in which you persuade people at a conference of your point of view on this matter. (40)



Mrs Brindle

The knowledge organisers – GCSE Lit & Lang

These have been emailed to students and parents, and here there are too.  No excuses year 11 – we’ve helped with the reducing – now it’s time for you to get on with the memorising and practising.  (ps we know how hard many of you are working.  In fact if that’s you, stop and have a cup of tea and a laugh with someone!)

KO – A Christmas Carol – LES


KO – Conflict Poetry – CLB


KO – Jekyll & Hyde – NC


KO – Macbeth – UMH


KO – Reading Non-fiction FPG-AG


KO – Reading Prose – KBL


KO – Romeo & Juliet – DJ


KO – Unseen Poetry – ABL


KO – Writing non-fiction – ABL


KO- Inspector Calls – NMC


KO – Writing Prose – JFM – ABL








A Christmas Carol – someone else is reading for you!

Miss Cowell, the genius that she is, discovered this recording of ‘A Christmas Carol’.  So download it and you can listen to it on the bus, waiting for your tea or whatever.  They might be in the wrong order, or not work well from this site.  If you prefer to just download directly for yourself, the site is here: