Year 11 Revision – Pasties & Poetry Night

Postcard_FrontThank you so much to all those parents that braved the rain and made it to our English Revision Launch night at Turton.  The Power Point presentation, Master Class timetable and the revision packs are attached here, in case you need a copy.


*NOTE: error on English Literature pack – date for first exam is MONDAY 18th May (not Friday 18th May as stated.) Apologies for the error.

Pasties & Poetry Presentation

Master Classes – GCSE

GCSE – English Language Revision Pack

GCSE – English Literature Revision Pack

Year 9 challenge Year 11 to a fight!

Well… by that we mean that their Shakesepearean sonnets are attempting to rival those of year 11.  Check out this year 9 piece by Phoebe Iddon.


One day when life is past and I depart

And I can no longer stay at your side

When time and space will hold us far apart

And when I go it’s you I’ll stay beside

But while I’m on earth I hope to stay

Forever in your thoughts and your embrace

But when from mortal life I walk away

Must I imagine sadness on your face?

What better confirmation of our love

Could ever exist than sweet regard

If I can dream of you when I’m above

Ill not be lost because our love is adored

I love you with my heart entirely

For here and now and for eternity