Year 11 October Half Term Homework ( Purple Ties)

Hi Guys,

You’ll find the Christmas Carol quotes here: quote-acc

Please read them and why not think about adding some of your own?

When you’ve read them you must select the following:

2 quotes to learn from the dark green table

2 quotes to learn from the orange table

2 quotes to learn from the red table

1 quote from the yellow table

The 3 highlighted in bright pink in the bright blue table ( entitled The Spirits)

1 from the lilac table ( Ignorance and Want)

2 from the light grey ( stave 4)

1 from the mint green ( Fred and Belle)

2 from the dark grey table ( poverty and wealth)

***The quotes highlighted in bright pink should be learnt by everyone.***

I appreciate that memory tasks are difficult. Why not try illustrating some of the quotes, producing flash cards or placing the quotes around your bedroom?

I hope that you’re having a restful and productive break.

Mrs Brindle



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