Whose life is this anyway?

Year nine have been writing biographies, and this struck me as a good one.  Can you guess which year 9 pupil (red tie) wrote this about his/her dad?  If yes, leave a comment….



At a crossroad between danger and ease, it was certain that Alan *****  (surname removed by Mrs Lane!) would choose the first of the two conflicting options, risk would inevitably set him on course to achieve a future of entrepreneurial prosperity, and would grant him Confucius’ ideal future; “if you have a job you love you will never work a day in your life” (quoted by Alan on a nearly day to day basis).

At the age of eighteen, Alan found himself at a (not entirely legal) warehouse rave. To both the dread and subtle unspoken excitement of Alan and his friends, they found themselves faced with a dangerous choice; go home or choose to put their safety into the hands of ten strangers waiting for them to scale the warehouse wall, clamber (head first) through a vent, to then be faced by a sheer drop, it was at this point Alan had no choice but to launch himself into the ten sets of anticipatory arms, waiting to carry him into the thronging crowd.

It was at this very party that he and his friends shared a life changing epiphany. It was the second summer of love, they were in the heart of “Madchester”. They all began to share the same view; “if everyone else is making music, why can’t we?”

Without hesitation the group of men launched themselves even deeper into the vibrant ever growing music culture of the time.  After spending their student loans on band equipment and devoting plenty of time and energy to numerous name changes, the “Cotton Club” was born. The group produced (mainly underground) songs of their own that surprisingly gained popularity with German and American audiences, alongside these they produced songs for other artists, such as; Boy George, Real to Real, The Urban Cookie Collective and Fatboy Slim.


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