unclesamOkely dokely, folks, let’s make sure that we know our context/themes. Check out the PPT that I put together: Contextual overview of American Literature

Right, now have a look at the sample paper with which the exam board have provided us: PAPER 2

My recommended structure as well as an exemplar for Section A of the exam: section-a-structure-exemplar

Here’s the table with quotes, context & themes (needs updating/adding to) that Charlotte very kindly put together for us: Key Quotes Table

And here’s my recommended structure as well as an exemplar for Section B of the exam: section-b-structure-exemplar  I’ve also come up with a few exam-style questions and provided you with some possible introductions. Check those out here: possible-exam-questions 

It’s over to you now. I won’t wish you luck for your exams because it’s nothing to do with luck. How much you practise will determine the grade you get.

Yours as always,

Mr J

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