Year 11 Miss Eccleston



Okay, so this week I would like you to research points about structure on every poem. You can do this via revision in your own anthologies or through Bitesize ( every poem is on there with an explanation on structure) I expect, that you add notes in your anthology or write it up on paper. ( due first lesson back after half term)

Secondly, here are the two essay questions that I gave you in class.

5) Compare the ways in which poets use language to present ideas about patriotism in ‘Flag’ and one other poem of your choice.

 6) Compare the methods used by poets to show the devastating effect of conflict in ‘Yellow Palm’ and one other poem of your choice.

Your job is to plan a detailed response for one question. ( due Wednesday 10th Feb- same day as the revision night!)


What you would say in your introduction

The quotes you will use and what you will say about them


Remember to explode each poem.



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