“Visit Italy” says Natasha in Year 10

I was lucky enough to chance across Miss Eklof’s Year 10 class who were working on Travel Guides as part of their preparations for GCSE English Language.  Here is Natasha Mane’s fantastic start:


Would you rather stay at home or go sightseeing in the summer sun? You may only see Italy as being famous for pizza or the curly moustaches. However, they are distracting you from the beaches, the fashion, the music and the cities. Italy is home to some of the most famous structures in the world. You can experience anything from a cultural trip to the museum to a luxury visit to a beautiful beach in just a flash. It’s an all round perfect location for everyone. You can even pick your weather preference. It just all depends on which month you plan your visit.

The capital city is a very important part of the country as it is famous, and has been throughout history from the Roman era, full of museums and all of the remaining old Roman coliseums. Also, if you enjoy living new experiences; you will thrive on a recommended trip to Venice. Life in Venice is all about banana boats; eliminating walking and introducing gliding on the water paths. And after your exciting day doing whatever your preference may be, you know you are going back to a luxury hotel as Italy has some highly rated, fabulous hotels. For example, Lefay Resort & Spa, Lago di Garda, Le Sirenuse and The Artemide Hotel (all available on Trip Advisor).

However, I think everyone is aware what really sets Italy apart from the rest of the world, the popular flavoursome range of foods. Pizza, pasta, risotto, gnocchi, minestrone or tiramisu. Anything that tingles your taste buds. From the heart of the recipes, wine and dine with the best quality Italian dishes, at smart price, surrounded by Italian culture.


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