Year 10 purple ties

Hello Year 10,

For your homework this week you’re going to answer some questions on an article ( due Wednesday 20th September)

There are two articles to select from, the first is slightly more challenging and very topical whereas the second article ( see links below) uses less complex language. This choice is yours but please make it clear which article you’ve selected. I’d like you to write your answers on paper and not in your books because I will be taking books home to mark.

First of all, have a look at both articles and decide which one is best suited to you.


Now that you’ve picked an article you can answer the relevant questions below.

Guardian questions ( first article and slightly more challenging)

1. Summarise, using one or two appropriate quotations and in your own words, the message of the article.
2. How is the opening of the article,’Technicolor was never meant to be so white’ effective in engaging the reader?
3. Describe the tone of the article- try to explain this with a quotation.
4. Identify both an formal and informal register ( quotations needed)
Challenge: Say how you think the writer is successful in convincing the reader that the issue of race in Hollywood should be challenged. ( You can look at what the writer says and how he says it)

X factor article ( the slightly less challenging article – 2nd link provided)

1. Summarise, using one or two appropriate quotations and your own words, the message of the article.
2. How would you describe the tone( voice ) of the article from this opening line, “We’ve had a rocky relationship but I’ve hung in there for the past 11 years.”
3. Try to find a moment in the article when the writer is sarcastic, write down what moment this is and why you think it.
4. Identify some DA FOREST and explain how they work in persuading you to possibly stop watching the X Factor.
Challenge: Would you say the register of the article is informal or formal?


Well done.

Miss Eccleston

Remember this is due on Wednesday 30th September and to put your name on your work.


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