Summer Work – get ahead of the game

summer-wallpaper-8For those that want to get ahead of the game in English, some reading ideas and work are attached.  Those pupils going into year 10 should have no problem finding their attachment as it is pretty straightforward, however pupils going into year 11 will need to know which poetry selection his/her teacher does,  so see below…….

Miss Cowell, Mrs Aspen, Mrs Bradley-Law, Miss Grainger, Mrs Johnston (who will have Mrs Lane), Mrs Baily & Mrs Hodgson ………… You need to open the ‘Conflict‘ sheet

Miss Cook, Mr Johnson, Mr Bali & Miss Golland……….. You need to open the ‘Character and Voice’ sheet

Year 9 summer Work

Year 10 summer work – Character & Voice

Year 10 summer work – Conflict

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