The Clown Punk’s Reply – Thomas Wilson

Want to see some WOW poetry work from Year 9? Check out Thomas Wilson’s poem, turning Simon Armitage’s The Clown Punk into a reply from the punk.


The Clown Punk’s Reply


Walking home through my side of town,

Sometimes you’ll see the judging eyes and spiteful frown,

Like a child’s picture that was not put up

And drives with his kids full of hope. But


Don’t admire: Every wrinkle on that man’s head

Is carved by mid-life stress;

As I step out of the traffic lights,

Think what he’ll look like in thirty years’ time –


The bags under his eyes and slouching back,

Scared by the unfair cost of the rat race.

You dog on a leash who barks and howl

When I come face to face with the kids who growl,


Remember the man so different to choke,

Then remove the background and clear the smoke.


By Thomas Wilson

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