Manchester Literature Festival

So… time to show our love for all things Manchester and all things books.

Step one – click on this link

Step two – find one thing that looks ace (how about a tour of the city looking at where Charles Dickens used to visit – 13th Oct

or if science is more your thing how about listening to Bio Punk – 13th Oct

or check out the competition looking at some of Manchester’s Student’s best at 8×8 – 14th Oct

or Asian Superheroes showing at Waterstones – 15th Oct

or the North’s best bloggers – 17th Oct

or, for those over 18, the Boho Literary Pub walk – 20th Oct

Step three – find a friend (a real friend – not someone who sends you a smiley face)

Step four – book it

Step five – go

Step six (optional) write about it and put it here so we know what we missed

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