Macbeth – shhhh…. don’t say it’s name…

Year 8

If you find out why actors are a bit superstitious about saying the word ‘Macbeth’ or call it ‘The Play That Must Not Be Named’ then leave a reply.

Also – if you do anything really amazing for your learning journal then email it to (as well as of course taking a photograph for your learning journal of course!)

4 thoughts on “Macbeth – shhhh…. don’t say it’s name…

  1. Actors are superstitious about the word macbeth because they believe it is cursed and if someone said it they would have to counter jinx it by saying break a leg if they did not say break a leg then they would have very bad luck.

  2. I think that saying a word is not unlucky because it is only a word and it is not like someone or something is going to curse you for saying a certain word.

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