Death, Madness, God and Nothing

Here are Year 12’s poems on the themes of Emily Dickenson. (BAD LANGUAGE ALERT.) Vote for your favourite by posting a comment.



I am the  creator

I am your  sir

I have the power

I’m not just a blur


I’m a genius

I am life

I’m  limitation

I am the entire generation


I am God



This is what
the devil reads before he goes to sleep, some food for thought, food for death
go ahead and f*#!ing eat.  My fathers
dead ? Well I don’t know, we never  f*#!ing



Descent into  madness

From sane to insanity

Peace is  crazy

War is the solution

No disagreements

Only Chaos



Love is

uncontrollable emotions, feelings and passion

Love is
formed by a strike of an arrow by Cupid.



Nature, a  flower blooming in the spring

Leaves  blowing in the swirly wind

The slow  heart beat a new born animal has

The first sensation of senses

Autumn  arrives, and lovers start to die.



The height  of emotion

The overwhelming of the mind

The spectrum  – diversion

The ready  unwind


The crash of  waves

The thunder of skies

The pinnacle of hysteria…




To be nothing

Does not exist

To be in a coffin

Is to contest


To be killed for something

Is better than nothing

To be doing nothing

Is not something


There’s not much to be said

About the topic of nothingness

Many would rather be dead

Than attempt such hopelessness


I’ve had enough of this

It is taking the p *#!

I quit

This is s*#!



“A nonchalant lack of progress”

He spoke that far too well

An impeccable lack of stature, unclear thatcher,

he watched as the Berlin Wall fell.


But as he sits, draws from his experiences

The ones that shape him, make him, he’ll see

Passing time by the banks of the Tyne

admiring his lack of responsibility.


Then as his inner conflicts banged and changed

He failed to assume control, moment

Then as the hands revolved a moment of clarity came to be

London, England Barrow and Furnace

Crumbled in the sea.



The dark can be a scary thing

With freaky people seeking

Some of them want to stab the kids

Others want to eat eye lids

There could be monsters in the dark

How I envy the ones I fear

Because they can see what is near

Jesus Christ! They are here

The ones that I truly fear

A ghost or ghoul or goblin

Possibly come to take my teeth



To be immortal

Would be to live without fear

You would never be scared

As death is never near


But what if our soul is immortal

And not our body

Would we still walk without a care in the world

And not care for anybody


When I think of being immortal

A superhero springs to mind

They have duties to society

To be helpful, strong and kind


However I am not a superhero

In fact I am none of the above

Yes I am immortal

I am ………….



The expolsive insanity inside that tells you to do everything at once.

Paint. Draw. Write. See. Run. Fly

Are we  insane? Or are our brains

To busy for us to keep up?

It’s catchy, it’s infectious

It finds you in the middle of the night,

It hunts you down
It’s everywhere.  It’s not us, it’s them

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