Liam Hodgekinson’s – Ode to Turton

Year 11 were writng poetry – trying to see the beauty and fear in Turton High School (just as in their GCSE poem ‘The Yellow Palm’ Liam’s blew us all away – read below.

As I made my way through Turton High,
The feeling that has grown,
Of laughter, love and leaning friendships,
Now comes our time to mourn
When the month succumbs, our time to leave
A sense that we’re re-born.
Into the world of young unemployment
The situation into which we are thrown.

As I made my way through Turton High,
The excited eyes that pass,
Of young and vulnerable, year seven children,
Large futures out in mass,
Compulsory subjects with not much choice
No revision mastered tasks
Unlike us, our social lives strained
To revise and get a pass

As I made my way through Turton High
That old familiar sight
Teacher, friends, all smiling, regarding
Some futures ‘O’ so bright
I look around and see these faces
I have grown to love in spite
Of afflicting confrontations with fictional divinations,
Together our year shall unite

As I made my way through Turton High
Emotions could explode.
All I ask is a bit more time
I really do implore
I’d utilise another year
A year used to explore
An in depth envision into more subjects
That now time can’t afford

As I made my way through Turton High
We’ve blossomed from young flowers
Just one more day is all we have
A few more precious hours
An aging building outside, but hear what lies within?
Secrets, love, a myriad of powers
This building I’m proud to call ours

3 thoughts on “Liam Hodgekinson’s – Ode to Turton

  1. Great stuff! Just goes to show the future is in your hands! Perhaps we have the makings of our next poet laureate?
    Very enjoyable and exceptionally well executed!


  2. Astounding talent! Really impressed, not just by the poetic talent, but also the depth of insight and emotional intelligence shown.
    Well done everyone, some serious poets in the making.


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